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Pinewoods rosepink (Sabatia gentianoides) another plant that we saw lots of in the bog visit last Sunday.  This species is a native glabrous perennial herbaceous species in the Gentianaceae.  The leaves are simple, opposite, very narrow, and have pinnate major veins.  The inflorescence is a terminal cyme.  The flowers are perfect and regular, mostly with nine sepals, nine pink petals, and nine stamens.  Reports of other numbers but always more than five. The ovary is superior, and the fruit is a capsule with the petals persisting around it.  In bogs and savannahs in the southeast and southwest part of the state with reports from 16 parishes.

Sabatia gentianoides (2).jpg
Sabatia gentianoides.jpg
Sabatia gentianoides stem and leaves.jpg
Sabatia gentianoides flowers.jpg
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