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Sabatia campestris (Texas star) is a native glabrous annual herbaceous species in the Gentianaceae.  It is also called prairie rose-gentian, prairie sabatia, and meadow pink.   The leaves are simple, opposite, and have pinnate major veins.  The inflorescence is a cyme.  The flowers are perfect and regular, with five sepals, five pink petals, and five stamens.  The ovary is superior, and the fruit is a capsule with the petals persisting around it.  BRF for this species is short plant, inflorescence is flat topped and the flowers are not clumped.  It also has winged sepals and is very widespread across the state.  Quite a bit on Allen Acres. 

Sabatia campestris plant.jpg
Sabatia campestris flowers.jpg
SAbatia campestris flower.jpg
sabatia campestris plants.jpg
SAbatia campestris winged calyx.jpg
SAbatia campestris stem with leaves.jpg
sabatia campestris leaves.jpg
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