If you want to see, smell, taste, and learn many of the wild edibles in this area, this is the workshop for you.  The workshop will include fieldtrips, where you can see the plants in their natural environment as well as tables of labeled specimens in a lab setting.  The group will gather edibles as we walk and a meal will be prepared.  Several teas will also be prepared from specimens collected this day plus some teas from already dried plants. Bread seasoned with wild plants will also be prepared. You are encouraged to photograph, take notes, ask questions, and take specimens home with you. 


The schedule:

   First day

         9:00 am:  welcome and introduction

       10:00 am:  begin hike and edible plant search

       12:30 pm:  break for lunch (provided)

         1:30 pm:  begin hike for edible plants

         4:00 pm:  preparation of edibles and teas

         5:00 pm:  dine on wild edibles that you collected and tea tasting


After hours: butterflies, fireflys, hummingbirds, hummingbird moths, moth sheets with mercury vapor light, night sky, spider eyes, etc.

Edible Plant Class-One Day