Eupatorium odoratum


Eupatorium (Chromolaena) odorata with many common names; Fragrant Mistflower, Blue Boneset, Fragrant Boneset, Jack In The Bush, Crucita, Siam Weed, Common Flossflower, Christmas Bush, Devilweed, jack in the box, and devil weed. It is a native (Texas and Florida?) herbaceous perennial in the Asteraceae. The leaves are opposite, simple, and with pinnate major veins. The petiole is long and the base of the blade is truncate similar to mist flower (Eupatorium coelestinum). The plant is pubescent and not as dark green as mist flower. The flowers are typical Eupatorium in heads and consisting of disk flowers only. Not sure where I got the plants that are on Allen Acres I think from Linda Buglady. The plants are happy and spreading on Allen Acres and are in great flower right now but have not seen any nectaring insects but have seen a lot of butterflies on it in south Texas. Reported in the United States from Texas and Florida.