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Lycoris radiata

Lycoris radiata in Winter.  A repeater as this species was covered on Sept 13 but the emphasis then was the plant in flower.  Today, the emphasis is on what this plant looks like in the Winter with no flowers.  Pop-up lily (Lycoris radiata) is also called surprise lily, spider lily, magic lily, September lily, hurricane lily or naked lady. It is an introduced bulbous herbaceous perennial in the Liliaceae.  The plants are bulbous, scapose, with linear simple leaves that have parallel veins.  One clump was present when we moved here and we now have three clumps on Allen Acres.  One picture of the flowers is presented and other pictures of the plant with leaves, the leaves themselves, and bulbs. 

Lycoris flowers(1).jpg
lycoris leaves(1).jpg
lycoris bulbs(1).jpg
Lycoris plant(1).jpg
lycoris bulb (split)(1).jpg
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