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Leucojum aestivum

Snowflake (Leucojum aestivum) is an introduced herbaceous bulbous perennial in the Liliaceae.   It is also known as summer snowflake or Loddon lily.  The plants are scapose and glabrous.  The leaves are linear and simple, with parallel veins that have tubular sheaths.  The inflorescence is a terminal, two- to ten-flowered umbel subtended by a spathe.  The flowers are nodding, perfect, and regular, with six green-tipped white tepals and six stamens.  The ovary is inferior, and the fruit is a capsule with many seeds.  This is a cultivated species that persists or escapes throughout the state.  It flowers from February to April.  We had this plant at home in St Helena Parish and my mother once said there is a snowflake outside and my nephew went running out and was disappointed that it was a plant and not snow. The insect on the flower was ided on bugguide as a hover fly Toxomerus marginatus, also known as the Calligrapher Fly.

snowflake flowers with insect(1).jpg
snowflake flowers with leaf(1).jpg
snowflake flowers3(1).jpg
snowflake leaves with ice damage(1).jpg
snowflake plant base(1).jpg
snowflake flowers, Ken Wilson(1).jpg
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