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Stachys crenata

Mouseear or shade betony (Stachys crenata) is a native herbaceous annual in the Lamiaceae.  The stems are square in cross-section. The leaves are opposite, simple, and have pinnate major veins. The blades are ovate with crenate margins.  The inflorescence is a terminal spike. The flowers are perfect and irregular, with five sepals, five petals, and four stamens. The five pink to lavender petals are two-lipped, with two petals in the upper lip and three in the lower lip. The four-lobed ovary is superior, and the style arises between the lobes. The fruit is a schizocarp of four mericarps. A very common plant in Louisiana and a number on Allen Acres.  It is considered an endangered plant in Florida. Two other species in our area in this genus are both perennials including Stachys tenuifolia and the very invasive Stachys floridana, Florida betony.

Stachys crenata flowers(1).jpg
Stachys cenata flowers2.jpg
Stachys cenata leaves.jpg
Stchys crenata stem tips.jpg
Stachys cenata node.jpg
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