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Lilium michauxii

Another of the recent Lily Orchid day plants is Carolina lily (Lilium michauxii), a native herbaceous bulbous perennial in the Liliaceae. The leaves are simple, parallel-veined, and whorled or sub-verticillate. The inflorescence is usually a solitary drooping flower and rarely two and even more rare more than two.  The flowers are large, perfect, and regular, with three sepals, three petals, and six stamens. It has orange to red sepals and petals that are spotted with purple. The ovary is superior, and the fruit is a capsule.  This lily is uncommon to rare in well-drained forests throughout the state and flowers from late July to September.  None on Allen Acres but several very close by on the banks of the Ouiska Chitto.  One of the larger single flowers in the state but the flowers seem to be getting smaller.  Easy to propagate from seed but difficult to get to survive in the ground as adult plants.  There is another similar native lily in east Louisiana, Lilium catesbaei and other similar species to the north and/or east of Louisiana including Lilium superbum and Lilium michiganense

Carolina lily double flower.JPG
Carolina lily young fruit.jpg
Carolina lily flower bud.jpg
Carolina lily.JPG
Carolina lily leaves.jpg
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