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Narcissus tazetta

Narcissus tazetta (paperwhite, bunch-flowered narcissus, bunch-flowered daffodil, Chinese sacred lily, cream narcissus, joss flower, polyanthus narcissus) is a non-native bulbous perennial in the Liliaceae. Last year actually Dec 29, 2019, I called these incorrectly paper whites (Narcissus papyraceus).  Annette straightened me out (thanks) as these with the yellow center and pointed petals are Narcissus tazetta and Narcissus papyraceus would have all white flowers with blunt tipped petals.  And Annette says paper whites rarely persist outdoors.  Will be covering other species and cultivars of daffodils in the next month or so as those come into flower.   We have four clumps of Naricissus tazetta on Allen Acres thhhhat were and are here when we moved and they flower around Christmas and New Year each year.  Are in flower right now.  Caterpillars of Spanish moth (Xanthopastis regnatrix) are reported to eat plants in this genus.

Narcissus tazetta flowers(1).jpg
narcissus tazetta plant(1).jpg
narcissus tazetta flowers2(1).jpg
narcissus tazetta leaves2(1).jpg
narcissus tazetta leaves(1).jpg
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