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Sabatia brachiata (narrowleaf rosepink) is a native glabrous biennial herbaceous species in the Gentianaceae.  The leaves are simple, opposite, and have pinnate major veins.  The inflorescence is a terminal cyme.  The flowers are perfect and regular, typically with five sepals, five pink (rarely white) petals, and five stamens.  The ovary is superior, and the fruit is a capsule with the petals persisting around it.  It is about a foot tall and has a dome shaped terminal inflorescence with dense cluster of flowers.  The inflorescence branches are opposite and the stems are terete and non-winged.  The leaves are narrow and not amplexicaule. It is also called narrowleaf rose-gentian, and narrowleaf sabatia.  A closely related species Sabatia angularis has wider leaves that are distinctly wrapped around the stem and winged stems.  Sabatia brachiata is common in pine forests and seen during the hike on June 20.

Sabatia brachiiata flowers(1).jpg
Sabatia brachiiata leaves.jpg
Sabatia brachiata stem with leaves.jpg
sabatia brachiata flowers2.jpg
Sabatia brachiata stem with leaves2.jpg
Sabatia brachiiata plant.jpg
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