5070 Highway 399
Pitkin, Louisiana 70656


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A Nature Oriented Bed and Breakfast Located in Rural Vernon Parish in West Central Louisiana

Allen Acres
Bed & Breakfast

Dr. Charles and susan allen, innkeepers
5070 Highway 399
Pitkin, Louisiana 70656


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Things To Do

Allen Acres Bed and Breakfast is a place to relax in the country and enjoy nature at its finest:

  • Observe and photograph plants in flower.
  • See the National Champion large gallberry tree.
  • See the State Co-Champion winter huckleberry tree.
  • Check out and photograph butterflies in all stages (adults, eggs, caterpillars, and chrysalis).
  • Watch the hummingbird moths arrive right at sundown.
  • Feed the chickens and gather eggs.
  • Checkout the night sky.
  • Moonlight walk in the night-blooming garden.
  • Bird-watching.
  • Bon-fire.
  • Listen to the night sounds of owls, crickets, tree frogs, cicadas, coyotes, etc.
  • Read books in the nature oriented library.
  • Hike on nature trails.
  • Meditate in a labyrinth.
  • View a succession wheel aka circle of life to see the changes in vegetation.
  • Relax on the front porch.
  • Check out the country art.
  • Watch hummingbirds.
  • Count fireflies.
  • Walk to the Ouiska Chitto Creek.
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